Homemade Spray For Bed Bugs

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Homemade Spray For Bed Bugs

Posted by Brust Andrea on Wednesday, 19 February, 2020 15:04:42

Bed bugs live on our couches and beds and come out during the night to feed on our blood. Just the thought of it is enough to make one change mattresses instantly. Here are some tips to make homemade bed bug spray you can use to kill the pesky bugs.

Lemon Eucalyptus Oil as a Natural Homemade Insect Repellent The main ingredient in our homemade mosquito repellent is lemon eucalyptus oil. Which the CDC and EPA agree are safe and as effective as DEET, though not as long-lasting.

This best homemade bug repellent recipe is easy to make with simple ingredients you have at home and can save you money over the store bought kind. Homemade bug repellent is a good way to avoid chemicals but still keep mosquitoes, flies and gnats from bothering you. It's best to spray it on your clothing instead of on your skin.

This home made spray is very effective, even destroy the bed bug eggs too. Not harmful to human. It kills the bed bugs and eggs immediately after the spray. It can kill the bed bug without leaving

Homemade Bug Spray with Vanilla Extract and Peppermint Extract Method. Combine all ingredients in a glass spray bottle and allow the mixture to steep at least overnight. Shake well and spray as needed. Note: If the cloves clog the tube of the spray nozzle, strain them out after steeping for at least 8 hours. Homemade Bug Spray with Basil

Bed bug repellents contain specific chemicals that keep bed bugs away or from entering your space. There are very limited options to the chemical you can use to keep bed bugs away. According to the Journal of Economic Entomology's 2013 Ed., DEET (N,N-diethyl-meta-toluamide) has been listed as the best chemical product for repelling bed bugs.