Home Remedies Of Bed Bug Bites

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Home Remedies Of Bed Bug Bites

Posted by Brien Allete on Saturday, 15 February, 2020 14:33:07

Some of the most effective home remedies to prevent bed bugs include the use of rubbing alcohol, baking soda, cayenne pepper, talcum powder, caulk, tea tree oil, thyme, mint, lemongrass, clove, lavender oil, and steam cleaning.. Home Remedies to Prevent Bed Bugs. Home remedies to prevent beg bugs include:

Wash the bites with soap and water. Wash the area with mild soap and water; use a bar of soap and enough water to wet surface of your hands. Work the soap in your hands into thick, soapy lather. Rub the lather over the affected area liberally. Repeat until the entire area is covered. Leave on and do not rinse.

Bites or stings with milder symptoms can be treated right at home. The following are some home remedies that can help with the swelling, itching, and pain associated with most bug bites. Back To TOC

Take heart, there are plenty of home remedies for bug bites already in your pantry. If you don't want to suffer from the bites and to avoid chemical treatments, these are for you. Below are the best home remedies for bug bites that itch and swell to try.

Remedy - 2: (Baking Soda) Add 1 teaspoon of baking soda in a bowl filled with 3 teaspoons of water. Stir well to make a fine paste and apply it generously on the affected area. Let it sit for about 10 minutes and rinse the skin thoroughly with water. Dry the skin gently and repeat it regularly

Need treatment for a bug bite? Whether it's mosquitoes, bed bugs, ticks, ants, fleas, chiggers, lice, mites, or spiders, we've got home remedies and other treatments that can help relieve your redness, burning, pain, and itchiness. Also, learn about serious bed bite diseases like yellow fever.