Do Bed Bugs Go Away In Winter

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Do Bed Bugs Go Away In Winter

Posted by Brusse Ancelin on Tuesday, 11 February, 2020 23:01:50

Monarchs from west of the Rockies travel to a spot near Santa Barbara, California. These are true migrating insects because the same individuals that go south for the winter come back the next year. Some other insects, such as leafhoppers and milkweed bugs, strategy for dealing with winter is to head south as the winter cools.

The bugs go into the bag of the shop-vac, and when it is full, they seal the bag and take it out to the trash. If you have a shop-vac on hand that you aren't using, then you might want to try this. Or if you have a regular vacuum cleaner you don't mind using to suck up bugs, then do the same.

The temperature range that people like is just about the same range that bed bugs prefer. This means that they do not hibernate and can be active in the winter months if they are inside a temperature controlled house or apartment.

Bed bugs have to be the most persistent pests that you will ever get. This is not only about the conditions but because of their nature. They can hide very well in your house and can be hard to detect if you are not keen. In addition, they can stay for many days without hiding while the female can repopulate easily if they are not thoroughly eliminated.

Bugs that couldn't normally survive winter temperatures create cocoons that shelter them, or enter a grub stage where they can burrow under the ground before it freezes. Some bugs even construct their own shelters out of twigs, leaves, and other natural litter, which they cling tightly to in order to maintain body heat.

If you have had a bed bug infestation in the past or if you are fighting an infestation now, don't think that they will go away on their own in the winter months. Any reliable bed bug exterminator will recommend that you treat an infestation as soon as possible.