Cryonite Bed Bugs Treatment

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Cryonite Bed Bugs Treatment

Posted by Brouillard Amedee on Wednesday, 19 February, 2020 22:59:35

Cryonite® Is the Environmentally Friendly Bed Bug Treatment to Kill Bed Bugs Cryonite freezes Bed Bugs, nymphs, larvae and egg in seconds, without harsh chemicals. Cryonite is pure dry ice snow that blankets surfaces and penetrates crevices with -110°F of killing power.

Cryonite Treatment Pest Management, Inc. is happy to offer non-pesticide Cryonite treatment as a part of our arsenal of techniques used to battle bed bugs and other insects. This treatment is environmentally friendly and 100 percent organic.

A one-time treatment, it can solve many bed-bug problems far faster than the conventional approach. Our commercial clients may also find Cryonite® helpful. Designed for highly trafficked spaces where traditional chemical solutions simply won't work (i.e., hospitals, retail stores), Cryonite® uses supercooled, environmentally friendly

Cryonite lets you treat problems like bedbugs instantly, while you are waiting for a pest management professional to arrive. The PMP can then apply long-term treatments to mitigate recurrence. Learn More

Research has demonstrated that steam and heat penetrates better than cold and because of this, steam fits well into the protocol he developed to treat couches. You can place a steamer over pleats

That being said, the biggest benefit of cryonite treatment is that it has the ability to penetrate behind walls, in electrical outlets, baseboards, and other areas where bed bugs like to hide. This is something that chemicals and powders cannot do.