Can Bed Bugs Live In Kitchen Appliances

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Can Bed Bugs Live In Kitchen Appliances

Posted by Bruyere Andree on Monday, 14 October, 2019 19:15:54

Can bed bugs/eggs/nests whatever, be found in the back of the refrigerator or stove? especially in a small apartment (450 sq feet)?

Once I opened it and took the microwave out and tossed the bags and the can in the trash outside, I left the microwave sitting with the door open for 12 hours. Then I took hot hot soapy water and washed it down good inside and out. I let it completely dry for 4 hours before plugging it in again.

If the appliance or device the roach has taken residence in is small; seal it in a plastic bag and put it in your freezer for about five days. Keep them in there a full five days or it may not kill all roaches and eggs.

· Canned foods or any other food in a secure container anywhere in the kitchen (including cabinets) are safe from bed bugs. · Dried foods that aren't sealed such as pasta or rice are the most likely place a bed bug might reside but after putting these foods in the microwave for 30

Yes, they can live in appliances, even if no beds are near that appliance. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise, they ABSOLUTELY CAN and have been known to do as such. The only reason why I would not be afraid if I were you, is because you're purchasing a STOVE. Bed bugs like warmth, but they HATE heat.

Bed bugs are only attracted to heat when feeding, so they have no interest in hanging around warm spaces the rest of the time. The electronics most likely to harbor bed bugs are the ones closest to the bed, like alarm clocks and nightstand stereos. Regular treatment methods will likely affect bed bugs hiding in electronics, too.